Vaccination Programs

Beef Cattle Herd Vacination Program Example:

While some vaccination recommendations are very basic and considered beneficial to any cattle herd, each herd is unique in regards to disease risk and history of common problems on the farm. A specific vaccination protocol should be tailored to your cattle in an effort to maximize immunity against relevant diseases and minimize expense and animal stress associated with unnecessary vaccines. Below is an example protocol that may serve as a framework for developing a program specific to your herd.

At Birth: Calf should be up and nursing by 6 hrs of age to ensure adequate intake of colostrum. If feeding colostrum, administer 4 Quarts of high quality colostrum – 2 within first hour of life, total of 4 within first 12 hours of life. Vaccinate with clostridial vaccine at birth if problems with enterotoxemia exist.

Turnout or Branding (approx. 2-3 months of age):
  • UltraChoice 8 – (blackleg)
  • Deworm
Pre-weaning (2 weeks prior to weaning):
  • Inforce 3 or BoviShield Gold 5 or ViraShield 6
  • UltraChoice 8
  • Nuplura PH or OneShot
  • Deworm/Delice
Post-weaning (2-4 weeks after weaning):
  • BoviShield Gold 5
  • UltraChoice 8
  • Deworm/Delice
Annually (prebreeding or at preg-check):
  • BoviShield Gold FP5 VL5 HB or Virashield 6 VL5 HB
  • UltraChoice 8
  • Deworm /Delice
Annually (2-4 weeks prior to breeding season):
  • Breeding Soundness Exam and Trich test (if applicable
  • BoviShield Gold FP5 VL5 HB or Virashield 6 VL5 HB
  • UltraChoice 8
  • Deworm/Delice

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